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Leader as role model

"What is the purpose of our entrepreneurial activity? Is our expertise enough for us to work well, or do we need more? Do we know what makes us proud and satisfied? And do we make sure that we can achieve this satisfaction?

Questions like these are the subject of "The Quiet Revolution" - the feature film on cultural change in the world of work. Using the example of the Upstalsboom hotel chain, the film shows in documentary style how the change from resource exploitation to the development of potential can succeed. It sheds light on the topic of cultural change in the working world, gives the viewer impulses and awakens the courage to make a difference.

An entertaining inspiration that we would like to recommend to you in preparation for our meeting in Frankfurt.

Author and management consultant Simon Sinek also relies on the right questions. His "Golden Circle" is a management tool that companies can use to find out why they do what they do.

Impressionen aus Frankfurt

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